Consultant trader selling the powdered gold

Hello Mr. and Mrs.
We make advertisements for our services .We sell gold powder and gold ingot. We are ready to provide all the necessary information for any purchase from our company `a For Sale.
Quantity 1 ton unavailable .Origine: Mali, Burkina Faso & Ghana, purity: at least 93%, quality of metal gold (22 carats plus). Metal refining. In a foundry of choice buyer.
We also businessmen Libyan nationalities that are in the oil, they are billionaires thanks to Libyan oil. Given the war in Libya, these businessmen have transferred their funds to our country. It has over $ 500 million to invest. If you have a good profitable project, we are available to convince our partners to fund your projects.
Contact us for more information on my Skype: hubain.gomez or email: [email protected]

Contact name : hubain
Price: $28
Phone: 0698234575
Place : Auckland,New Zealand
Publish Date : 08-07-2015
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