Wireless fall down emergency button SOS panic button 2015 NEW PRODUCTS

EM-90 Wireless Fall Down Emergency Button

Fall detector
Fall down sensor
SOS pendant
Emergency Call button
Wireless panic button

The King Pigeon EM-90 fall down emergency button works with wireless alarm system for help people to get necessary assistance on fall down incident or on emergency situation.With built-in a smart fall detection technology,the fall down emergency button can reliaze when users falling down,regardless of whether or not consciousness.
Works with wireless GSM alarm system,users can get emergency help immediately if users experiencing an actual fall incident, furthermore, press the SOS button on pedent can send alert signal to alarm system too.

Power: 3V DC, Button Cells.
RF Code: PT2242
RF Frequency: 433.92MHz
Oscillation Resistanc:e 3.3Mohm
Transmission Distance: 30~80meters indoor
Static Current: 8uA - 9uA
Peak Current: 7.2mA-8.5mA(sending signal)
Battery Life time: One and a half years
IP Grade: IP65
Dimensions: 5.352cm
Weight: 30g

Works with
King Pigeon A10A11A20 GSM Elderly Guarder Alarm panel.
King Pigeon S100S110S120S160 GSM wireless alarm panel.
Other universal wireless alarm systems.

How it works
1. Fall down incident alarm When the fall down has been detectedl,at the 6th second,indicator will flashing quickly and send wireless alert signal to alarm panel on the 15th second.Alarm panel send SMS or call to Central Monitroing System or related persons for alarming or communication.
2. SOS alarm Press the SOS button for more than 3 seconds, SOS indicator flashing quickly and the emergency alert signal will send to alarm panel.
In case of False Alarm
Due to the daily life activities(like some sports,sit back on a coach,etc.),sometimes the fall down button may detect a fall incorrectly, this situations may caused false alarm. However, users can manually cancel the alert signal by pressing the emergency button or make it on normal stand up position while the red indicator is flashing quickly.

Contact name : mark ma
Price: $10
Phone: +8675529063895
Place : Auckland,New Zealand
Publish Date : 18-03-2015
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Wireless fall down emergency button SOS panic button 2015 NEW PRODUCTS Picture
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